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Theft is too easy in Florida’s Homeowners Associations
The recent arrests of members of the Hammocks Community Association have shed a long overdue public light on the plight of helpless homeowners when the directors of a Homeowners Association (HOA) go deliberately wrong. The Florida Legislature specifically designed Florida’s HOA law to limit government’s ability to regulate HOAs, explaining, “it is not in the best interest of homeowners’ associations or the individual association members thereof to create or impose a bureau or other agency of state government to regulate the affairs of homeowners’ associations.” While this may be a virtuous... Read More

Selling A Fire Damaged House

The Right Way in Florida
Pricing fire damaged houses can be a difficult task to tackle. The damage is not always visible, which can make it hard to determine the impact on the value of your home. There are a few important steps that you should take in order to get an accurate assessment of how much your house is worth. Research the local market and find out what comparable homes are selling for, then factor in additional costs for repair or renovations that may be needed. A trusted real estate agent or appraiser can help you with this task by providing reliable market data and expert insight into the fire damage... Read More

Rabbi Yossi Harlig, Lori Nussbaum and Michael Miller talk about 2022 and 2023

Rabbi Yossi Harlig, Lori Nussbaum and Michael Miller talk
about 2022 and 2023.
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Record Number of Scientific Papers Published About Cannabis in 2022
Researchers worldwide published a record 4,300+ scientific papers on the subject of cannabis, according to the results of a keyword search of the National Library of Medicine/ website. This exceeds the total number of papers published during all of last year, when scientists published over 4,200 papers. At the time, that total was the highest number of cannabis-specific papers ever published in a single year. Since 2010, scientists have published over 30,000 peer-reviewed papers specific to cannabis, with the annual number of total papers increasing every year. By comparison, researchers published fewer than 3,000 total papers about marijuana in the years between 1990 and 1999 and fewer than 2,000 total studies during the 1980s... Read More

Fara Sax, The Community Voice welcomes Filmmaker Brad King and Erwin Georgia

Brad King, Filmmaker, and Erwin Georgia, Director of Photography discuss their film, Bancoco, with Fara Sax, Host of Community Voice.
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M-DCPS Magnet programs offer students a world of choices
When it comes to educational opportunity and innovation, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is leading the country as one of the most innovative and progressive school districts with more than 370 distinct magnet programs available for students in over 100 public schools throughout the county. M-DCPS Magnet programs foster diverse and equitable learning environments, incorporating innovative curricula and research-based teaching methods. The programs ensure that all students experience the highest quality education while building on their interests, talents, and abilities through five unique thematic strands of study –— International Programs, Liberal Arts, STEM... Read More

Miami Jewish Film Festival 2023
Antisemitism has always been front and center for Jewish people, but rarely has it felt so present as it has recently. As Jason Zinoman brilliantly wrote in the New York Times, “Antisemitism has such a long, violent history that it seems absurd to claim it is getting worse. Compared with when?” Between Elon Musk, Ye, Kyrie Irving and daily social media, Jewish people may not control show business, but they cannot escape it either... Read More

Anabel Hume with A Day in Miami welcomes Scott Savin, COO of Jai-Alai Miami

Anabel Hume with A Day in Miami welcomes Scott Savin, COO of Jai-Alai Miami
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Everybody’s health tells a story.
What’s yours?

At the moment, health care is often one-size-fits-all. But imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you. All of Us wants to make that future possible. How? By creating a resource that allows researchers to conduct thousands of studies on health and disease... Read More

Gloria's Gab welcomes Jaime Suchlicki, Director of Cuban Studies Institute

Jaime Suchlicki, Director of Cuban Studies Institute, talks to Gloria Burns, Host of Gloria's Gab about things going on in Cuba now!
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2022 Nissan Z amazes and delivers a great ride
It has a high performing twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 engine with rear-wheel drive that is both familiar and engaging. The fastback design is something that I have always liked and more car companies are incorporating into their vehicles, but few do it as well as the Nissan brand. The amazing thing about the Nissan Z is its legacy, which is long and storied. Everyone remembers the 240Z that started it all. That was one of the hottest cars on the street. It was one of my favorites and I always compared it to its contemporaries. Then we got the 280ZX and later all the modern styling of the 300ZX, which created a huge... Read More
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